Restoration and restyling

Thanks to our almost thirty year experience in the automobile business, carrozzeria nuova G.M., has some of the best craftsman specialized in sports cars restoring and restyling among its employees.
The restoration results already achieved on classic Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati… models bear witness to our professionalism in this area, now a historic part of this company but still successful and competitive at the highest levels.
Carrozzeria nuova G.M. also has a department specialized in the reconstruction entire parts or entire bodywork of cars both classical and modern. Thus we can rebuild un-restorable parts which are no longer in production, but also restyle modern car models by using new generation materials like carbon fiber.

Body shop

Division 6/8 Workshop – 2 car lifting cranes
Finishing area – 3 pits
Painting area – 3 booths